Thursday, July 2, 2009


So I am back from California and it was so fun!! We stayed in Long Beach the entire time and went to the beach almost everyday! It was great!! While we were there Michael Jackson died... That was very interesting... WE went to L.A. and his star was completely barricaded and just filled to the top with flowers, cards, posters, etc... It was ridiculous! The "line" went from his star (which is right in front of the chinese theater) past the mall and then some! People were crazy!! they were taking pictures with it or just trying to touch it in general. It was insane. Then I had to come home monday instead of tuesday... UGH death. Just let me tell you... I had to be to work by 5 on tuesday. It was awful!! Anywho I'm safe and sound and back in utah! 

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!!
I know I haven't written in almost a year... but I have some really exciting news!! I finished the first chapter in my novel today!! The first chapter is always the most boring ( character intros and what not) But, I was glad to get it out of the way to bring in more of the exciting parts!!! Woop!  So just an update. But I will be moving again soon ( lame!) Just closer to south salt lake with my other roommates. It should be fun! But i hate the whole moving process....
Also, Im going to california at the end of this next week! Ill be sure to write about it! Hopefully I'll be able to go to my most favorite place ever, Disneyland!!! 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Job Update & I got tagged.....

Ok... SO to start out I officially accepted the invitation to move to London and work on the cruise ship... so for any of you interested I will be having a going away party on the 25th of October. And if you need anything from me before I go please let me know!!!! But Jenni tagged me to do a thing i dont even know lol but here goes....

My favorite vacation: Tokyo, Japan. We went when I was 13 almost 14 and spent about 2 weeks hangin around Japan it was AMAZING!!!

My Favorite Color: Pink!!! :D I thought this picture would be appropriate because I love cars and this is a cab company in the UK started by women!!!

My Age: 21 lame..... but I love Johnny Depp even if he looks like a creep.... well I think thats what he's best at, maybe I just dont like it when he looks normal... hmmmm somethin to think about ha ha

My favorite treat..... Chocolate and I want these!!! I LOVE shoes too!!!

My favorite food:Sushi.... and PBJ!!!!

The Place I would like to Travel Most: Probably ENGLAND!!! WHich is good since im gonna live there soon :D Woop Woop!!!!

Where I grew up: Partially In Thousand Oaks CA & also Bountiful Ut

Where Im living now: Oh just boring old Centerville utah! But soon to be England!!!

My Last Name: Raymond... Nothing special

My Middle Name: Now this one is very very special to me. My middle name is Mika. It is Japanese for ' beautiful song' I love it and IT means the world to me. Especially because im the only girl in my family with a middle name. This was also the only interesting picture I guess her name is Mika

My first Name: Well.... Apperently I have a hooker name becasue about 12 nude women were on the pictures and this was the only clean one... ooops!!! Not somethin I wanted to see.....

Something I used to Love to do: Gymnastics!!! I LOVED IT!!!! My favorite event was the uneven bars and so this picture of Nastia was perfect!!!!

My Favorite animal: right now is a fox. because they look like my cute little doggie!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Vegas Baby!!!!!

Woot woot! Ok, so I just got back from Las Vegas! Chad and I left Wed. night and drove all night to get to vegas for my Interview for Steiner corp., It was too long of a drive.... But the good thing about all this was that I totally rocked the interview! Woop!!!! Well.... I'm guessing that no one knows what Steiner corp. is... It is a 5 star salon that has a few "land" salons but mostly operates on cruise lines. My interview was for the cruise line. Im super stoked because my interviewer was very impressed( which was suuhweeeet!!!!),but It's going to be a hard decision to make... Because I will have to move to London, UK for up to 12 weeks before I even get on the ship, and then my contract will be for 8 months out on the seas..... The pay is AMAZING thats what mostly turned me on to this, but I don't know if I'm ready to miss out on Aymee's pregness and Christmas with my family and what not.... Hmmm, it would give me lots of time to write my book though and I would get to see the world....( which I have always wanted to do!) Well if anyone has some advice let me know!!! I would love to hear it!
Ok so back onto Vegas, we stayed with Chad's sister Jen and They think we are the most boringest people ever. It was funny because one night jen's roommate asked us what we do for fun... and we replied, "well we like to watch movies adn sit around a lot, you know just relax..." adn that was obviously not the right reply becasue first she started to laugh and then gave us a lecture on how when she was 21 she was partying it up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and we are lametrons.... SO the next day we were like ok lets go out to the strip then and we can "have some fun" That was friday night... Saturday rolls around and they tell us at 11 they need to just grab some make-up really quick and that they shouldn't be too long.... 4 o'clock rolls around and they are back home! Apparently they got sidetracked... So we didn't leave the house until 8:30 and by the time we got to the strip, the buffet we wanted to go to was closed and everyone was on edge.... We didnt gamble once, thats probably a good thing though... we did get to see the only thing I wanted to see though... The pirate show at Treasure Island. Hahahahaha It was so hilarious! I was expecting for it to not be vegasized so much. The pirate girls weren't even in pirate costumes! It was ridiculous! They all just looked like skanky stipper ho's ( which i'm sure at least 1/2 of them were....) But I wished their costumes would have been cute wench or pirate themed at very least!!!! Ugh chad was sitting there with me watchin it though and we just kept rolling our eyes and then laughing histerically! But I'm SO glad to be home... Vegas is nast.... I can smell fresh air again and it's so crisp out here!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blogs Woot!!!

Alright... So I decided I would give this a go since I love to write, and I pretty much have nothing better to do during the day while i'm bored at work Haha....

My name is Carlee Mika Raymond, Im 21 and I do hair for a living. I love it!!! It's amazing!! Im living in Utah, although my parents do not! They are living in Tennsessee with my two younger siblings Kels (18) and Ben (14).... But I'm glad because I live by my Sister and her husband and little girl Aubree Mae who is THE cuteness EVER(oh and one on the way!), she calls me Cha- Which everyone in my family calls me. It's pretty funny and she always says no to everything! I think it's cute but it's getting old really fast! I have one other sister that lives in Arizona with her two girls Tori(9) and Kilee(4). I love them all VERY very much! Hopefully i'll see them again soon! ok so enough about that...

Im writing a book, yes... It's a little slow going but i'm still working on it! Well, actually two books and I keep going inbetween them. I'll post the first chapter once I get it a little better organized. It's about the dating life of a woman who just cant find any love and the drama it causes her and her family. It's actually pretty entertaining even though it does sound lame. I'll be the first to admit that.... but once you get to know her you start to feel her great timers and low times it's great...and it's been awesome to write something like that. My other book is more along the lines of a mystery love blah blah stuff yes.... I just said blah blah stuff lol. In this one there aren't as many ups and downers, but more intense on different levels. Hopefully I will have those chapters up soon... But don't expect them to be DONE any time soon!

I plan to start college soon also... Once I start making some money! That's the hard part... But I plan to have two majors- One in creative writing and the other in interior design. I have been thinking about doing this for a while and if I get a job i'm interviewing for in a few days (cross your fingers...) I will be able to! Woot woot!!!!

Well... I think thats enough for one day but i'll keep you all updated on the most exciting things that happen!!! Be excited.... because I am!!!!